The Witch of Glendale

by Bansheerie

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released June 6, 2014

Bansheerie - acoustic guitar and vocals

Music and lyrics by Bansheerie.
Keyboards, programming, additional composing and arrangements by Vladimir Ney (Ney-TonArt Studio, Elmshorn, Germany)
Production, mixing and mastering by Alexander Krakhin
Cover art design by Ostiarii Wakim




Bansheerie Kazakhstan

Every song tells a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending... sometimes we don't understand it. But remember - these stories are told by a wailing mad banshee swept by the winds of woe... and these stories are of grief, misery, horror and death.

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Track Name: The Witch of Glendale
She lived in the town by the river,
Fair maiden just shy of eighteen,
So pretty was young Susan Weaver,
Her beauty made jealous the queen

An evil tongue slandered the maiden,
Corrupted priests took the queen’s side,
They proclaimed that poor Susan was tainted,
The Devil marked her for his bride


The witch of Glendale,
Clad in black, morbid pale,
The witch of Glendale,
The scourge of the vale,
The witch of Glendale,
Spreads terror and bale,
The witch of Glendale,
The witch of Glendale

She was sentenced to trial by water,
The young girl was ruthlessly drowned,
Her parents could not mourn their daughter,
The body was never found

Then some of the townsfolk went missing,
Those who laughed on the day Susan died,
The wind brought to people who listened,
A giggle invoking deep fright

Men of cloth were found torn to pieces,
Queen fell from the wall to her death,
The witch has avenged all the kisses
That she will never have

The fear is spreading like fever,
People moan in their sleep in the night,
No way to lay to rest Susan Weaver,
The girl whom they made the Devil’s bride
Track Name: Seven Silent Crows
Seven silent crows are sitting
On the branch of old dead tree,
Below the witch is screaming
At the stake in agony,
People are rejoicing,
They all laugh and clap their hands,
Watch the devil’s servant
Turning into firebrands

T he fire’s burning higher,
The wind is moaning low,
Soon the driving rain will douse the flame,
And unashamed they’ll all walk away,
But for seven silent crows,
But for seven silent crows

Eight silent crows are glowering
From the old dead tree,
The next one stands there accused
Of forbidden sorcery,
The glassy stares of judges,
Men are piling firewood,
Never mind the sobbing,
We serve the greater good

Fire starts to kindle,
The wind protracts its claws,
The thunderstorm will declare a war
Like it’s been before and come next morn
You’ll see nine silent crows,
You’ll see nine silent crows,
You’ll see nine silent crows,
You’ll see nine silent crows
Track Name: The Coven Is Rising
In the woods,
In the dusk,
Tonight the coven gathers,
Sinful brood,
Faces masked,
The coven heeds the call,
Long black skirts,
Wicked plans,
Beware Holy Father,
Whispered words,
Wicked glance,
The rock will start to roll

The coven is rising,
The coven is here

Virgin’s blood,
Keep the cauldron boiling,
Bring the flood,
Bring the plague,
The coven goes to war,
Shrilly laugh,
Moonlight dance,
Yellow smoke is coiling,
Praising death,
Deep in trance,
The forgotten lore

Coven is rising,
Coven is here

And nightshade,
They get into a frenzy,
Bring the blight,
Bring the hate,
“No mercy” is their cry,
Sabbath time,
At the ancient menhir,
Evil rhyme,
Hungry eyes,
The coven rules the night

Coven is rising,
Coven is here
Track Name: Lady Forlorn
Full moon spills silver cutting the night,
Babies in cradles wake up and cry,
Presence of evil is thick in the air,
Wolves tuck their tails, run to the lair,
Village stands frozen, too scared to breathe,
Darkness itself starting to seethe,
Vampires and witches, ghosts of stillborn
Pledge their allegiance to Lady Forlorn

Out of the darkness teeming with fox-bats
Her Majesty steps, the Empress reborn,
She floats to take the vows of her servants,
She’s always alone, she is Lady Forlorn

Born in the age no man can remember,
Her father was grief, her mother was pain,
Her favorite season is cold wet November,
Whipped red with the fury of thousand rains,
Down at the lake the gathering rages,
Senior acolyte blows the black horn,
Sirens and harpies, hags and dark mages
Praise the coming of Lady Forlorn

Out of the darkness teeming with fox-bats,
Riding despair and oozing with scorn,
The wisp of primordial evil emerges,
The stone-hearted creature, the Lady Forlorn

They chant a weird tune saluting their mistress,
Malicious eyes burn under their hoods,
Lady Forlorn descends to the hill crest,
Under the icy blind stare of the moon,
The crowd now falls silent, receiving the orders,
Then by their glee the stillness is torn,
Demons and specters, swamp-kin and ogres
March out to do bidding of Lady Forlorn

Into the darkness teeming with fox-bats
She disappears to the wails of the swarm,
Evil on Earth is dormant no longer,
Aroused from its sleep by the Lady Forlorn