Daughters of the Twilight

by Bansheerie

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released February 2, 2015

Wailing Mad Banshee - music, lyrics, guitars and vocals

Additional composing, keyboards and programming by Vladimir Ney (Ney-TonArt Studio, Elmshorn, Germany)
Acoustic guitar intro in "Dead Kingdom", production, mixing and mastering by Alexander Krakhin
Cover art design by Ostiarii Wakim




Bansheerie Kazakhstan

Every song tells a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending... sometimes we don't understand it. But remember - these stories are told by a wailing mad banshee swept by the winds of woe... and these stories are of grief, misery, horror and death.

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Track Name: Daughters of the Twilight
Twirling in the mist
Daughters of the twilight,
Dancing to the hiss
Of the serpent that dwells in the cold,
From the blackest abyss
They came, woven of stardust,
Shadow of the beast
Fell heavy over the world

And they’re twirling and they’re twirling
Like a huge snake coils unfurling,
And they’re twirling and they’re twirling
In the mist under dying sun

Twirling in the mist
Daughters of the twilight,
Watching them is a bliss,
When the night devours the day,
From the blackest abyss
They came, woven of stardust,
Welcome to the feast
The feast in the time of plague
Track Name: Dead Kingdom
The mirror broke when the king died
And all the birds fell silent outside
And all the leaves fell from the trees,
Across the kingdom spread the disease

The queen was in mourn down by the sea,
Rats trampled each other, too eager to flee,
The princess had nightmares rather than dreams,
The prince had no sleep, scared by her screams

Funeral pyres burned day and night,
Baleful black smoke veiled the light,
Vultures were circling in dark crimson sky,
A kingdom condemned and sentenced to die

The wailing of widows flew over the land,
The grief came to reign and never to end,
The harvest was blighted by poisonous rain,
The rampage of horror drove people insane

Rabid dogs finished what’s left of the realm,
The kingdom is dead and remain dead it shall,
The grass hid itself under thousands of graves,
The kingdom has fallen to the decay